Thursday, May 29, 2014

The power of free Swag!!!

 In the social media world competition is fierce! Every restaurant, store, or event in the city has a Facebook page. So how do I set myself apart from all this competition? First off if you're looking to compete you will not have a lead over your competitors.You must think in terms of domination.The same way that the big corporations do... give away free swag!  One gym I visited gave me all this free stuff. A. free water bottle, free week membership, free training, etc. Their agenda is to expose people to your product or service so that your business name can be passed around, and of course, your free swag should be of high quality. Don't be cheap!! Your client's first impression of your business is the most important one! Think about this,if you used a coupon for a free lunch and the food was terrible you would never go their again. Nor would you pay for lunch there Hell no! Your free swag should reflect the quality of service (or product quality) that you'll deliver every time, without fail.

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