Friday, June 27, 2014

Tips for winning a social media audience.

Know the you are faced with many competitors it will not be easy to created buzz worthy tweets or status updates that distinguish  you from the crowd.So if you want to win you got to find a better way of getting your message noticed.

1. Think about who your audience is. Visualize yourself getting the audience attention and gaining there admiration.

2. Post update with pictures create buzz. People react to pictures more than any other form of online communication.

3.Keep the updates relevant to your audience. Don't post anything that is too way off the mark.

4. Perfection in tweets is not what needs to be added but what when nothing else can be taken away. Looking at your post and ask yourself what can be left out.

5.The power of the like. When you like a followers post. They usually check out who has like them. In turn they read your profile.

6.Ask open ended questions. Post questions that have no yes or no answer. Like where do you go to eat brunch on sunday?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Question of the day. Should I intern for a company that needs social media?

Should I intern at a startup in social media?

I say no because a lot of these start-ups do not respect social media management as a full time job that needs to be compensated accordingly. Many of these start-ups like to promise interns positions and never follow thru with an actual job. 

In the San Francisco bay area you must be cautious of start-ups because intern exploitation is on the rise. So your position at the company can be short-lived. I am just completely shocked by the behavior of some start-up companies. Some start-ups employ interns for months yet they never get paid. After the internship is finished the intern is usually discarded and another takes their place.Most start-ups have delusions of grandeur pitching gimmicky items that you can live without. Remember titles mean nothing unless they are attached to a secure business that can advance your skills. So do yourself a solid and don't fall for these deceptions in the start-up community. California law states that: The employer is to receive no benefit from the intern's work. The employer is there to train the intern to improve their skills.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The power of free Swag!!!

 In the social media world competition is fierce! Every restaurant, store, or event in the city has a Facebook page. So how do I set myself apart from all this competition? The same way that the big corporations do... give away free swag!  One gym I visited gave me all this free stuff. A. free water bottle, free week membership, free training, etc. Their agenda is to expose people to your product or service so that your business name can be passed around, and of course, your free swag should be of high quality. Don't be cheap!! Your client's first impression of your business is the most important one! Think about this.if you used a coupon for a free lunch and the food was terrible you would never go their again. Nor would you pay for lunch there Hell no. Your free swag should reflect the quality of service (or product quality) that you'll deliver every time, without fail.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Social media and the small business.

"While 81 percent of small businesses see the value of using social media as a business tool, just 25 percent spend 6-10 hours per week on social media, and 14 percent don’t separate personal and professional updates on these channels."- infographic via Sage UK 

         Local businesses in big cities are declining at a accelerated rate. Old methods of marketing such as email, ads in local papers, and door hangers are becoming obsolete. The fact is, a large percentage of those fancy business cards and flyers end up in the trash the minute you leave. They're low-end advertising, but they still cost money, and brochures can be quite pricey. What you should do is start a facebook page or twitter account to create a brand community with your target audience. However these social media platforms take time to produce returns. Still small businesses fail to keep their pages updated. Yet they are the most cost effective way to build a relationship with costumers. It can be a fun way to let your costumers know your personality and what's going on in your business.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Hello Social Media Managers!

I have create this blog to serve you! I have recently joined the social media job force. It is quite a new position these days. It's very popular yet less than a quarter of small businesses have social media accounts. 

I notice that many try place social media in the category of email marketing or public relations, but I feel it's more organic then those fields. I feel social media is revolutionary because it levels the playing field. It's the cheapest way to send out your advertisement. All one has to do is find out which social media platform most of your customers visit. Once you know that you can create a base that is visible to your clients. Creating new contacts that can become contracts!