Sunday, December 7, 2014

Club promotion

Your most powerful marketing message will come from these customer experiences dictated by the ambiance of your club, the music you play, the entertainment you have, and the different social groups who attend. Read your local club magazine and follow Facebook and Twitter to identify where your event might fit. 

  The benefit here is that you can target it to different types of people and you can advertise it if you have a little green to spend. To be successful you need to reach the depths of the Internet and get your event in front of as many people as possible.  With that said, let's start off with Facebook. You should only create an event on your Facebook Fan page.  While your personal page, your group page and your Fan page all have their own advantages and disadvantages, I think keeping one central page will be easier to manage, plus it will make the event look more popular in terms of RSVPs. Twitter is a great way to build relationships. I like sharing content regularly on Facebook and Twitter. 

Keeping your content fresh will ensure that it will not be removed, and also helps build a stronger presence online. The nice thing about event promotion on Facebook is that you can choose to spend only when someone RSVPs.  This way you'll get more exposure but limit your costs.  Remember what I said about RSVPs, it's viral gold.  So in essence you're getting more for your money: an RSVP and a News Feed hit. The disadvantage is that you can't directly invite people as a Page. Growing this audience will be a critical factor in the success of your campaign. 

 Allowing users to register for contest via Facebook made it easier to participate and a smaller “ask” for most people, thus increasing the likelihood of participation. These creates more buzz about your event if there is a way for people to get into your event for free.if the budget doesn't permit hosting giveaways, leveraging important online influencers is an important way to get your message out through additional conversations.

 While your revenue is generated from selling drinks, bottle service, cover charges, and, possibly, venue rentals, you are also in the business of selling a fun and unique experience to your customers to increase loyalty and overall image and reputation. 

Hashtaging helps you create your event as a brand. Also the use of hashtags can get people talking about your event.

Another disadvantage of the Fan page is the declining reach organic posts are seeing. Because these platforms are social by nature, they have built-in tools that allow your guests to share their interest socially. 

The bottom line is that you want to get people talking about your event on social media.Another great way to get further buzz going is to submit your event to socialized event listing sites like Eventbrite and eventful. You'll want to really leverage your buzz through brand ambassadors and other people who are attending. Creating a list which is relevant to your industry is a great way to attain impressive results.if done right, making friends with the influencers in your industry. I hope this helps. Good luck with you club promoting!

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