Thursday, June 5, 2014

Question of the day. Should I intern for a company that needs social media?

Should I intern at a startup in social media?

I say no because a lot of these start-ups do not respect social media management as a full time job that needs to be compensated accordingly. Many of these start-ups like to promise interns positions and never follow thru with an actual job. 

In the San Francisco bay area you must be cautious of start-ups because intern exploitation is on the rise. So your position at the company can be short-lived. I am just completely shocked by the behavior of some start-up companies. Some start-ups employ interns for months yet they never get paid. After the internship is finished the intern is usually discarded and another takes their place.Most start-ups have delusions of grandeur pitching gimmicky items that you can live without. Remember titles mean nothing unless they are attached to a secure business that can advance your skills. So do yourself a solid and don't fall for these deceptions in the start-up community. California law states that: The employer is to receive no benefit from the intern's work. The employer is there to train the intern to improve their skills.

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