Friday, June 27, 2014

Tips for winning a social media audience.

Know the you are faced with many competitors it will not be easy to created buzzworthy tweets or status updates that distinguish  you from the crowd.So if you want to win you got to find a better way of getting your message noticed.

1. Think about who your audience is. Visualize yourself getting the audience attention and gaining there admiration.

2. Post update with pictures create buzz. People react to pictures more than any other form of online communication.

3.Keep the updates relevant to your audience. Don't post anything that is too way off the mark.

4. Perfection in tweets is not what needs to be added but what when nothing else can be taken away. Looking at your post and ask yourself what can be left out.

5.The power of the like. When you like a followers post. They usually check out who has like them. In turn they read your profile.

6.Ask open ended questions. Post questions that have no yes or no answer. Like where do you go to eat brunch on sunday?

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